We elaborate handmade quality jewelry, every piece is unique and worthy taken good care of. Here’s everything you need to know to keep your piece in the best condition.

Wear your jewelry after clothes and makeup. The contact with perfumes, makeup, and hair products may opaque your piece. Avoid your piece from getting tangled with clothes. Do not tear the piece specially from connections and clasps.
Remove any jewelry before going to bed, taking a shower, or participating in any physical activity. Jewelry is not recommended while doing sports, excessive sweat, chlorinated pools and other compounds can change the coloration on your piece or severely damage it. 

Polish silver or gold with the jewelry polishing included on your package. Do not use tissue or paper towels, they can cause scratches on the pieces. 
Rubbing alcohol can help dissolve tarnish and dirt. This will clean the piece of debris and stains, recovering its brightness, but will not eliminate scratches.

Chemicals, chlorine, perfume/cologne, makeup, saltwater, excess sweat.
Avoid pulling the piece specifically from points where there are welds, snaps, or thin chain.

All our pieces include a jewelry pouch and box. When removed and travel, store it individually.
Sometimes jewelry tarnishes when it’s not worn. To maintain the luster of your jewelry, you can place silver anti-tarnish strips or a piece of chalk in your storage container to absorb the oxidants that discolor and tarnish jewelry.

If your piece needs to be repaired, you can take it to your trusted jeweler or send it back to us, please send an email to before sending. The shipping is covered by the buyer and the repair cost will depend on the damage of your piece.